Marine Insurance in Spain

Marine Insurance

You may not be aware but it is an offence to operate a vessel in Spanish Coastal Waters without a minimum of Third Party Liability Insurance Cover. Many marinas’ will not even allow you to moor your vessel without it and should you be pulled up by the Guardia Civil and you cannot produce the relevant paperwork including a certificate of insurance then they have the powers to seize and impound your boat.

Marine insurance often involves fair amount of hassle filling in over complicated forms, getting surveys and finally sending large cheques. This is because many insurers are run by huge financial organizations that are overrun with rules and regulations and governed by risk tables that are as flexible as bone china.

At Edward William Marine Services you will find a refreshing new approach to insuring your boat. Just click on the link below for a quotation and they will obtain a quotation for you utilizing their extensive knowledge of the risks and the insurance market place.

Marine insurance frequently asked questions

Do I need a survey?

A survey is not normally required, however in certain circumstances and for certain craft insurers may ask if a recent survey has been undertaken.

Do I need any Certificates or Qualifications?

The answer to this in relation to insurance is generally no, however to operate a boat in Spanish Coastal Waters you would require an international certificate of competence, which you can get by taking an RYA course.

Can I make changes to my Policy?

Alterations can be made to your policy at any time. The insurance provider may amend your premium for alterations which affect the levels of coverage, however we at Edward William are on hand for policy changes at no extra charge to you. Our costs are already covered by the administration fee paid at the start/renewal of your policy.

What if I sell my Boat?

If you sell your boat you can transfer your insurance cover (subject to any premium Alteration) to your new boat. In this way you can continue to benefit from the no claims bonus you have earned. Alternatively you can pass the policy on to the new owner and (subject to coverage) they will be insured up to the existing policy renewal.

What if I need to make a claim?

To save you having to call insurers direct and spend valuable time chasing around departments to speak to the right people, we take care of this for you. Our contact details are all that you would need. One call to us and we will dispatch the relevant claim forms immediately with details of your insurers initial requirements.

Can I insure any vessel?

As Insurance intermediaries we pride ourselves on being able to find coverage for just about any craft, any age, any size and any cruising range. In fact if we cannot cover it is probably not possible.

Edward William Marine Services is an International Marine Insurance Agent, offering comprehensive or liability only cover for boats and marine equipment around the world. The key to our success is based on our policy of being able to arrange flexible insurance coverage without imposing unnecessary restrictions.

Whilst many insurers will restrict comprehensive cover to newer vessels only, we don’t. Whilst many insurers will restrict your cruising range to Spanish Coastal or at a push European waters, we don’t. Whilst many insurers will not offer cover on wooden, steel or Ferro Cement hulls, we will. Hence Our Motto:

Any Boat…Any Water…Any Where

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